How to Get 100 Free Medium Followers Before You Join the Medium Partner’s Program fast.

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Get 100 medium
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I’m not a partner of Medium, but I like their platform and I want to gain free followers on Medium quickly. If you are in the same boat as me, let me show you how to get more than 100 free Medium followers before you even join the Partner’s program (which will save you money). Here’s how to do it. How many followers on Medium do you have?

What are the requirements?

To get 100 free followers, you must create a medium account and take some time to develop your new profile. Unlike other sites like Twitter or Facebook, there is not an easy way to sign up and have thousands of followers. Instead, on medium, there are fewer users but more content creators. You need to post regularly and engage with others. Once you reach about 50 followers on Medium, it becomes easier for your articles and posts to go viral on the platform due to its limited number of users. So, it may be better if you start with just 5–10 friends following your content to reach critical mass sooner.

What are some other ways I can get 100 free medium followers?

Getting free followers on Medium is easy. Simply writing articles, including a link back to your medium profile, will help you gain free readers and followers.

Medium Requirements

Find a competitor’s social media profile in Google. Then find their medium account and make a comment on one of their recent posts. Once you have about 50 followers on your account, it becomes easier for others to start following you due to your popularity. This does not mean that if someone leaves a comment on one of your articles or posts they automatically follow you afterwards; instead, people are more likely to visit your page after seeing many comments on different articles that reference your post.

How to activate those requirements

Now that you have your free account and at least 8 followers, let’s activate those monetization options. To do so, follow these steps:

1) Go to Permissions in your Settings

2) Click on Add button

3) Find Monetize with or Partner with

4) Click Save Changes

5) Continue Monetizing Title:

How To Add Adsense to Medium Account? : This is an interesting guide for all of you who want to start earning money from Medium. I will show you how to add AdSense code in medium using the embed code method. For doing it, you need just sometimes. So let’s start! First of all, open the medium website, then click on the profile option present top right corner of the page as shown below image. A pop up will appear showing some information about your profile. Then click the Edit Profile option from that pop-up. A new page will open then fill in required details like name, username etc. After filling required details click the save changes button present at bottom of the page. That’s it!

Write posts people want to read.

If you’re serious about a career in blogging, one of your goals should be to build your authority and earn 100 medium followers before you join the medium partner’s program. It is going to take time. By understanding how others have grown their followers, I’m hoping you can avoid some common mistakes I made and speed up that process. Here are some tips on building a following using Medium as well as my thoughts on why we would want our followers. These aren’t exact numbers or methods (and things will change over time), but these tips should help point you in the right direction for getting your first 100 medium followers fast! (also there is a picture of a girl giving you eyes in it)

Write a blog

The exact numbers I’m using here are arbitrary, but a good rule of thumb is 1,000 medium followers for every 10 posts you publish. For example, if you want 100 medium followers fast it would be unrealistic to expect that you could go from 0 to 100 without any posts under your belt. Just be patient and know that you’ll need to put in some work on your part and it will pay off! (also there is a picture of more girls giving you eyes in it)

Write your first blog post.

I’m not saying that you should post a highly-detailed guide about getting 100 free medium followers in one hour, but when you write your first post, it should contain some kind of value. Start by writing an introduction that says why your readers should care about what you’re posting and build from there. In your first couple of posts, make sure you define acronyms or refer back to past articles if necessary. Last but not least, use your own experiences (not someone else’s) as proof points for whatever it is you’re writing about. It takes time and effort to start building a following on any platform, so don’t expect immediate results.

If you want to start a successful business, don’t just go into it blind. Take time planning and then execute a strategic plan. In your first month on medium, look at what people are writing about in your niche and create content related to those topics. Lastly, post on Twitter regularly with links back to your posts on the medium as well as your website. I can’t guarantee you will get 100 free medium followers in one hour but I do think that if you follow these steps, you have a greater chance of success over time.

Write your first blog post. It’s never too early to build up a steady audience. While an invitation-only club may not feel right for every writer, taking advantage of free medium followers can help you achieve a basic, but the power level of exposure. And free means free: It doesn’t cost you anything or require any active efforts on your part (beyond writing) for someone new to discover your content. First, figure out where your target readers hang out — LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Tumblr and /or websites etc. and Next, make sure you have an easy way for new visitors to find and follow you on those platforms. This can include profile links or business cards with QR codes linking back to your social media profiles and/or website.

Finally, remember that quality is better than quantity when it comes to social media posts. Even if you do get 100 free medium followers before joining a partner program, it won’t matter if they don’t stick around because all they see is spammy ads from you. Instead, focus on creating high-quality posts that people want to read and share with their friends. That will be much more valuable in terms of building your following than simply having a large number of followers. After all, quality beats quantity every time!

Finding influencers.

Once you have decided on your topic and selected a niche, it’s time to find an influencer in that space. To get free medium followers, go through each of your target industry’s top-ranked blogs and websites also look for influencers. An ideal partner should have a high number of followers, a detailed profile (where you can find their email address), and recent activity (this gives you a sense of how engaged they are with their audience). Don’t expect anyone who has worked with many big companies to take your small business seriously. The best way to approach them is simply by writing them an email introducing yourself and asking if they might be interested in connecting further or sharing a post or two about something relevant for both of you.

Finding influence

Once you’ve found a few candidates, shoot each of them an email. One way to make it more personal is by referencing something they wrote in their bio or recent posts (while linking back). This shows you did your research and are aware of what they do. For example, let’s say I was connecting with Kevin Edson from Brafton who runs Digital Marketing Daily and I had seen his post on how influencer marketing helps businesses. My email might look like:

Hi Kevin! I enjoyed reading your recent post about how influencer marketing can help small businesses get customers more effectively than other advertising methods. Have you ever considered using free medium followers for promoting products?

Comment on others’ posts.

In order to gain 100 followers before you join Medium’s partner program, you’ll need a way of getting those first few comments on your posts. This is one of my favourite methods for building up a following because it’s very high-quality and it works as a great inbound marketing tactic. The method I prefer is posting other people’s articles that I like and commenting with a relevant discussion on my experience using it or linking back to someone else who has written about something similar or complementary. To get eight free medium followers, we want good quality, inbound links and comments that all drive traffic back to our content — not only will they help us get our posts seen by others but they will also directly benefit our writing efforts.

Be careful when you do choose to link back to another piece of content, however — make sure that it’s a relevant discussion and only one that you would feel comfortable having others come across. You must always remember to give credit where credit is due; if you don’t mention where your content comes from then it will be seen as plagiarism and could get you banned from Medium.

And what are some other ways of gaining followers before joining a partner? Take a look at my homepage for more ideas on how to get medium followers fast. Or sign up for my free report about how I built an online business with over 700 customers in just 3 months by writing short stories and selling them online, all through the medium.

Make sincere remarks and applaud others’ work.

Most people aren’t willing to pay for a social media promotion, but they’ll happily share their articles with their followers in exchange for a sincere comment. If you want more followers on your medium account, simply go through other people’s work and find something you can genuinely compliment. In many cases, those authors will be thankful and follow you back — which is great, because most of them already have an established audience that follows them wherever they go. And guess what? Those readers are going to notice new content from their favourite authors coming from YOU! Simply by being genuine (and not posting anything shady), you’ll get medium followers — and build your community at the same time.

Here is a list of some articles you can look at to get followers quickly. Remember that these are by authors who want readers — so make sure you leave them some love with genuine comments, not just trying to reach 100 medium followers!

Follow at least 20 people a day.

The best way to get attention on Medium is by following others. Each time you follow someone, they’ll receive a notification in their stream and might choose to follow you back. Following people who are active and popular will increase your chances of getting more followers. To ensure that your profile gets noticed, make sure it has a nice profile picture and an interesting title (like TinyTim wants to help medium partners grow). While following lots of people can seem like a lot of work, you only need to follow 20 accounts a day for about 30 minutes. Eventually, all those following will add up: Some days you’ll notice several new followers; other days, no one will notice your activity. But if done daily for 30 minutes or so, buying 100 medium followers should be within reach!

Follow 20 people at

You might be wondering how many followers you should have before joining the partner’s programs, 100 medium followers. Is what you need. While some users may argue that a smaller following is more authentic, your business will benefit from having as many followers as possible.

Thousands of Medium publishers are already participating in Facebook’s partner program and growing their audience and income by buying free medium followers. In other words, there’s no limit on how many people you can follow (or buy), so don’t hold back!

Follow at least 20 people a day : No matter how busy your schedule is, you can always find time to follow more accounts. Your priority should be finding 20 accounts each day.

Share with the right people.

Getting followers on medium can be difficult. There are very few places online that talk about how to get medium followers, even though there are many articles about you? about titles articles that provide tips and tricks for getting more Twitter followers or more Facebook likes. So when it comes time to find new people on social media sites, it can seem like a daunting task.

One of your best strategies is finding people who have something in common with you and then offering them a bit of value by following them on Twitter or sending them an email saying you enjoyed something they wrote recently and introducing yourself as someone who writes too. When it comes time for others in your niche (or even your competitors) to look for new writers, what will stand out about you?

Other people sending out emails/tweets saying nice things about you? Or just another person trying to promote their work? There’s no question which one will be more effective at helping you get medium followers. So share with people who are likely to appreciate it and let them know where they can find your work if they want to check it out! It might feel awkward reaching out to strangers, but remember: these are just potential medium followers — they aren’t your friends yet! That means there’s no need to worry about whether or not they think you’re being pushy. Just get in touch and see if they’re interested! If not, there are plenty of other options available. And if so…well…you just made a new friend!

Add yourself as a reader.

It takes only a few minutes and it can go a long way. When you join Medium, head over to your account settings and select Who Can Read Your Posts? from under Reading Privileges (you’ll have three options). Then hit Edit and select (Yes) Everyone. Then head back over to your homepage and hit the heart icon on any of your posts. Voilà! Free medium followers!

There are numerous other ways of getting free medium followers, but in general, they all involve you doing something nice for someone else. For example, if you’re reading an interesting post and don’t have time right then, click that heart icon. Or if someone recommends a post that is relevant and engaging, hit it with a Like. Another way is by supporting your favourite people and publications; give their posts +1s when they’re worthy of it. Just remember: every action counts!


After following my tips, you should be able to reach 100 medium followers in no time at all. If you followed these steps above, then you might have even learned a few new tricks that you didn’t know before! After reaching 100 medium followers, it’s important to grow your audience with great articles and of course additional followings. Remember that your free-medium-following goal shouldn’t be for vanity alone but for networking as well. It could end up being beneficial in terms of business partnerships and future collaborations and projects.



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